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5 Things That Make Cuban Cuisine Special


Are you on the lookout to try something new? Then why not give Cuban cuisine a taste test? Your palate will surely be left wanting for more. Cuban cuisine brings you a special experience like no other because…

  1. It blends the taste of food from many cultures.
    In the past, Cuba was a popular trading port which welcomed traders from all over the world. While the cuisine is heavily influenced by the Spanish culture, Cuban recipes have also adopted tastes from the Africans, French, and even the Chinese!

  2. It uses a variety of seafood.
    If you’re a fan of seafood, Cuban cuisine will certainly be a treat for you. With Cuba being an island, seafood has become one of the staple ingredients of their meals. Common seafood ingredients you might encounter in Cuban recipes include lobsters, shrimp, sea bass, and snappers!

  3. It delivers a rich combination of spices.
    Cuban cuisine may be simple, but the flavors that come with it are quite robust. Aside from the popular additions of garlic and onion to dishes, Cuban cuisine also uses a blend of coriander, oregano, pepper, and cumin. With this buffet of spices, you can safely assume that no Cuban meal ever tastes bland.

  4. It brings a new flavor to beans.
    A can of beans isn’t exactly appetizing, is it? But if you have beans with a Cuban twist, you wouldn’t think so. Take the Cuban Style Black Beans recipe for example. It’s flavorful, savory, and it is quite easy to make on your own. But of course, giving it a try at Rumba Cubana, the best Cuban restaurant in Cliffton, will give you a headstart on what Cuban cuisine is all about.

  5. It gives rice a surprising twist.
    Rice on its own doesn’t have much flavor to it. But when you say Cuban rice recipes, those are a whole different thing. The Cuban cuisine doesn’t just aim to make rice savory, but it also adds this staple food with vibrant colors and mouth-watering tastes. In some instances, Cuban rice recipes even come garnished with beans, saffron, onions, and other delectable ingredients. It’s a meal you surely wouldn’t want to miss.

Don’t wait too long to get your hands on some great Cuban recipes! Invite your loved ones, family, and friends over to Rumba Cubana, a superb Cuban restaurant in Guttenberg, New Jersey. Feel free to book a reservation on our website!

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