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Surprising Health Benefits You Get from Spices Used in Cuban Cuisine


Mmmn, spices! Who doesn’t love special flavors sprinkled atop meat and vegetables? They surely make everything taste a lot interesting, if not delicious.

While spices may have become a common kitchen ingredient, did you know that spices used to be considered as valuable items for trade? And not just in one country either, spices were heavily coveted all over the world! And since Cuba was an essential trading port back in the day, their cuisine became heavily influenced by the use of spices.

But spices aren’t all just for adding flavor. In the olden times, they were known for their healing properties, too! That still holds true, even in our modern times.

Take a look at the many health benefits brought on by spices used in Cuban cuisine:

  1. Cumin
    Cumin is a type of spice that is derived from the seeds of a plant called Cuminum cyminum. It is known for its earthy and spicy taste and is quite popular as an ingredient used in recipes from the Mediterranean, Southwest Asia, and of course, Cuba.

    Commonly, cumin has been known to:

    • Improve digestion
    • Enrich iron in the blood
    • Contain antioxidants
    • Enhances blood sugar management
  2. Cuban Oregano
    Also known as the Mexican Mint or Indian Borage, this perennial plant is common in Africa and smells similarly with the oregano you’re familiar with.

    Commonly, Cuban Oregano has been known to:

    • Enhance skin health
    • Prevents or diminish arthritis pain
    • Improves digestion
  3. Bay leaf
    Another popular spice in the Mediterranean region and in Cuba, bay leaf is a resounding ingredient that is both the culinary and medical world since the ancient times.

    Commonly, Bay Leaves have been known to:

    • Remove toxins in the body
    • Delay the aging process
    • Hasten wound healing
    • Reduce risks of certain cancers

Isn’t it amazing how these spices can pack so much punch in terms of flavor and health benefits? You might be familiar with these spices. (After all, you can readily get a hold of them from your local supermarket.) You’d be surprised at how the Cuban cuisine gives these spices a whole new spin.

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